Xiaojia Shelly Zhang

Biography of Xiaojia Shelly Zhang
Prof. Shelly Zhang is an Assistant Professor at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The group research focuses on exploring topology optimization and stochastic programming to develop resilient, smart, sustainable, and innovative engineering infrastructure for applications at different scales, such as high-rise buildings.

Graduate Students

Weichen Li

Current Program: Ph.D. in Structural Engineering

Biography of Weichen Li
His research focuses on robust topology optimization and multidisciplinary topology opitimization. He is interested in computational mechanics and mathematical programming.

Zhi Zhao

Current Program: Ph.D. in Structural Engineering

Biography of Zhi Zhao
His research focuses on patient-specified implant scaffold design using tailored topology optimization methods now. He is interested in structural optimization, computational mechanics, and machine learning.

Undergraduate Students

Michael Stumpf

Current Program: Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Biography of Michael Stumpf
His current research focuses on additive manufacturing methods for fabrication of topology optimized designs. He is interested in multi-scale optimization, metamaterials, and computer science.


Matthew Carsello - M.S. Researcher, 2019, 2020

Emma Sun - Undergraduate Researcher, 2020

Mandy Zhong - Undergraduate Researcher, 2020